3 Points to Settle Before Proceeding With a Basement Finishing in Granby, CT

by | Mar 22, 2024 | Home Improvement Contractor

The plans for finally finishing the basement are underway. In order to complete those plans, it’s important to finalize a few details. Here are three points that you should discuss with a contractor and make sure the two of you are on the same page about the basement finishing in Granby, CT.

Your intended purpose for the finished space is key. It will influence things like where electrical outlets are placed, the location of overhead lighting, and what sort of coverings for the walls and floor should be installed. Remember that what you would need to do to create a guest bedroom suite may be a little different from making the basement into a family game room.

Next, think in terms of any type of permanent cabinetry or closet space that you may want in the basement. Even if the plan is to create a den, there may still be the need for a small kitchenette at one end of the space. With a home office or craft room, you may want cabinets or at least shelving. That needs to be considered early on.

Last, don’t overlook the need to consider insulation for the space. That may be insulation between the wall masonry and the paneling you want to install, or it could have to do with insulating the space directly above a dropped ceiling. A contractor can provide input into what would work best.

Your goal for the basement finishing in Granby, CT is to convert what was wasted space into something functional. Plan carefully, ask for suggestions, and it won’t take long to ensure every aspect of the project is properly addressed.

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