5 Tips to Find Reliable Lawn Care in Newnan, GA

by | Feb 23, 2021 | Services

A lawn is an important part of a home’s exterior because it provides a place for outdoor entertainment and relaxation. Green, healthy lawns can help the family unwind while increasing the property’s value. It’s been said that a properly-kept lawn can increase a home’s value by up to 20%, which makes the lawn an important investment worthy of the best possible care. Below are several tips on finding a reliable local lawn care company such as Nature’s Turf.

Schedule a Consultation and Get a Quote

An accurate estimate for Lawn Care in Newnan, GA will list the applications within the program, as well as their purposes and costs. If the owner has time, they should schedule an in-person meeting with a representative of the lawn care company. Reliable companies email quotes and follow up with customers, rather than leave a flyer on the customer’s door.

Ask About Specific Applications

Some companies build the cost of treatments into a standard quote. While a comprehensive pricing approach may seem convenient, agricultural practices affect the need for certain applications. For instance, some lawns may be resistant to dollar weed, and the client may not need a treatment. Customers should determine whether a company provides additional services such as mosquito prevention and flea/tick control.

Learn About the Staff

Proper Lawn Care in Newnan, GA requires the periodic application of chemicals, and some of these can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Applicators of pesticides and fertilizers must be state-licensed, and they must complete a full training program. If a company only uses unlicensed technicians, the client may not get the service they need.

Ask for Recommendations, Reviews and Referrals

This step seems elementary, but it bears repeating. Customers can start the search by asking neighbors who handle their lawn care duties, and they can check out reviews on Yelp, Google and Facebook before making a hiring decision.

Keep Expectations Reasonable

It takes time to go from a poor lawn to a great one, and it takes time to build up turf and introduce new plants. With a comprehensive aeration and overseeding plan and effective cultural practices, a client can expect roughly an 80% improvement in the first year.

There are other things to consider when hiring a lawn care company, such as discounts and guarantees. However, the tips listed can help potential customers understand the process and compare quotes from one company to another.

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