Benefits to At Home End of Life Care in Lander, WY

by | Dec 24, 2021 | Caregiving services

End of life care in Lander, WY, is available to people who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness or patients who are medically verified to have a shorter life expectancy, often fewer than six months. This form of treatment is not limited to a single setting. Patients can receive hospice in the hospital, in a long-term care facility such as an assisted living facility, a place known as a hospice house, or a nursing home. For hospice care to be funded, a patient must also opt-out of curative treatments in favor of symptom management and comfort care.

There is another alternative. Those seeking to be in their home for their end-of-life care can also work with private or nonprofit companies that specialize in providing end of life care in a person’s home.

At Home Comfort Care

Caregiving services at home follow the medical plan created by a doctor at a hospice, including physical, emotional, and spiritual requirements. A member of the team makes regular visits and staff is always available via phone, regardless of time or day. They are even available on holidays.

At home caregiving service providers work alongside an established hospice team and get direction from the hospice team on how to best support an individual. The service they provide goes further, however, by helping to educate family on the dying process and ensure comfort and quality of life for their loved one.

Changes Can Be Made

If a patient’s preferences for end of life care in Lander, WY, or prognosis change, services can be altered. The primary purpose of a caregiving service team is to ensure comfort and dignity at end of life for those wishing to spend their final days at home.

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