Call an Emergency Electrician in St. Louis, MO If Your Lights Won’t Stop Flickering

While some people don’t think that the flicker of a light is anything to worry about, it can signal a possible electrical problem that can cause a fire or completely shut out the lights. Therefore, you want to make sure that your wiring is in good shape, especially if you add electronic components in your office or home.

When the Lights Are Not Working Properly

When you do need an emergency electrician in St. Louis, MO, use a company that can be dispatched to your door immediately. You should receive the same service if you feel that your wiring is about to fail. However, with that being said, you may want to test some things first before you call out an electrician.

For example, you may not need to contact an emergency electrician if you find that the reason for the flickering is merely a loose bulb. While this may sound as if it is an obvious reason, it often does not come to mind. If a couple bulbs are flickering, turn off the electricity and cover your hand with a glove to tighten the bulbs.

Is the Bulb Loose?

When a bulb is loose, it simply means that it cannot make the required connection to an electrical socket. When this happens, you will experience flickering now and then. Even recessed lighting can become loose so check those connections before you call out an emergency electrician to investigate.

Is the Wall Switch Working Properly?

If you find that the source of the flickering is not a loose bulb, it could be a switch in the wall. For example, if you use a dimmer switch in combination with the new LED types of lights, it can lead to flickering. You can consult with an electrician about the ratings on bulbs to make sure that they work with this type of switch.

If You Cannot Find the Answer Yourself, Call an Electrician

If you cannot find a plausible reason for the flickering, call a company such as Bates Electric, Inc. Use the services of a provider that offers a full range of electrical services. That way, you can avoid a major power outage and update your wiring with streamlined ease.



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