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Choose Wood Acoustical Panels Made in the USA for Your Public Building

Wooden acoustical panels are a versatile design element for both ceilings and walls. They not only create a quiet environment but also a warm, pleasant atmosphere. This is important for any public space.

You can find wooden acoustic panels in medical facilities, office buildings, churches, concert halls, hotels, and casinos. They not only act to buffer and soften the sound but also are an integral part of the interior design.

Wooden acoustical panels come in a wide variety of styles, hardwoods, and finishes, from pale ash to deep ebony. They are designed as flat or curved panels, slats, or open-ended cubes. Wood acoustic panels create a versatile system easily adapted to any environment. From a traditional, vaulted church ceiling to a futuristic science lab, depending on the design and finish, these panels blend into any environment.

While wooden acoustical panels cost much more compared to fiberboard or foam, the advantages of wood are obvious. First and foremost, natural hardwoods are beautiful and become part of the space, unlike foam or fiberboard tiles. Cheap acoustic tiles always look cheap and cheapen the look of interior space. If your business or organization wants to project an image of sophistication and strength, go with wood.

If you’d like to set your interior space apart, choose beautiful wood ceiling and wall panels. They’ll create a calm, quiet and welcoming environment for both your employees and visitors.

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