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Choosing A Womens Kilt Skirt

When it comes to a womens kilt skirt, women can pretty much wear what they want as the approved styles for women are not as strict as they are for a man wearing a kilt.

Length Matters

If you want a flirtatious style, then you should choose a mini kilt with a hemline above the knee. For something with a little more reservations, choose a kilt that is more at the knee. This allows you to still show a little leg without being too bold.

A mid-calf womens kilt skirt will provide you with a modern take on a classic look. A skirt in this length is ideal for someone who wants to be reserved and not show off too much but does not want the confinement of a full-length skirt.

For more coverage, you can choose a hostess skirt. This ankle-length skirt features a flat apron in the front and is pleated in the back.

Let the Event Dictate the Skirt

The type of event that you are planning to attend when wearing your kilt should be taken into consideration when you are deciding what to wear. For example, if you are going to an outdoor festival-type event or the weather is warm, then you may want to go with a mini kilt or one that is slightly longer just above the knee. For an indoor party, such as a cocktail party or holiday party, then a kilt skirt or a hostess skirt may be more appropriate.

A mini kilt and a kilt are much less formal and better suited for casual, fun events where you will mostly be hanging out with friends and having a good time. If you are attending a more formal occasion where you want to make a good impression such as a business party, then you will not be disappointed with the look of the womens kilt skirt or the hostess skirt.

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