Creating a custom wine cellar

by | Sep 9, 2020 | Wine Cellar

A wine collection can begin with just a couple of bottles, and then almost before people realize it a passing interest has become an abiding passion that may require a move from makeshift wine storage in boxes and basements to a proper custom wine room Charlotte NC.

A custom wine room or cellar can serve not just as a dedicated space for a wine collection but also as a centerpiece for home entertainment, education and relaxation.

Of course, while a custom wine room Charlotte NC can be a great source of pleasure it can also come with a number of different pitfalls.

The space needs to be tightly controlled in terms of humidity and temperature, with expensive wine bottles requiring continual care. They can also be very expensive, with losses due to reckless buying or poor construction also potentially severe.

However the building of a custom wine cellar can see any such risks mitigated by consulting with experts and those who already have such a room.

The creation of a custom wine cellar will need a dedicated cooling system to be installed as well as surfaces, including walls and floors, being insulated. A properly insulated custom wine room Charlotte NC also does not have to be situated in any particular place in the home. Custom wine rooms should ideally be designed close to an external wall.

One item that will definitely need to be purchased is a wine cellar conditioner, which will be able to turn a space into an appropriate area for wine maturation by recreating the crucial conditions. Ordinary air conditioners are not designed to cope with the consistently low temperatures that are required in order for wine to be correctly cellared, or for the management of humidity.

A custom wine room will also require things such as load-bearing shelving, lighting and other features. It is a complex undertaking and well beyond the scope of most people who are proficient with the odd bit of DIY.

The good news is there are reputable companies all across the US, who can provide in-depth consultations and full service jobs that include delivery, fabrication and installation.

If you want a custom wine room Charlotte NC or other places, call Caveman Cellars today.

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