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Decorating Your Home With Personalized Signs: Where to Hang Them

Hand-painted and hand-crafted items add a more personal feel to your home. If you’re not the crafty type, but you still want these homey touches, you can purchase these decorations from retailers and crafters that make them. If you want to make your home even more personal to you, add a custom last name sign. Here are a couple locations where a custom last name sign might look really nice.

On the Front of Your House by the Front Door

That set of numbers that tells everyone what your address is has to be there, but you can share more. Placing your last name on a hand-painted sign just below the numbers informs people that they have the right address when they are looking for you. The sign is also very attractive and draws attention to the house number, something that might go unseen in an emergency. If a number falls off and you have people come to the door, they know they have the right house.

Near the Mailbox

So much mail lands in the wrong mailboxes these days. Why not give your mail carrier a nudge by placing a last name sign right where he or she can see it? Maybe then you won’t receive your neighbor’s mail quite as often or receive mail for former residents of the property. When it is also colorful and attractive, it is something that no one can avoid looking at, which helps the mail carrier even more. Place the name sign above the box or on the post just below it.



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