Design and Supply of Industrial Refrigeration Systems, Find It in California

Industrial refrigeration systems are designed to maintain specified products at specified temperatures. The systems are designed to:

  • Keep the product at the same temperature as it was when put in the refrigerated room, or
  • Reduce the temperature of the product

The equipment that is needed to perform one or the other of these functions is very different. During the design and installation of these systems in California, the engineers must assess the requirements based on the process specification, the engineering specification, as well as the building facility.

Process Specification

An industrial refrigeration system will not work as well as it should if there is a difference between the original intention and the ultimate usage. For the system to function well and be energy efficient, the user is responsible for defining precisely what the refrigerated room will be used for.

Engineering Specification

Once the process specifications have been clearly defined, the engineering specs can be developed. The engineering design and specifications take into account throughput volume, temperature demands, facility size and layout, future use, and more. From these specifications, an industrial refrigeration systems supplier can construct the facility with little or no knowledge of the process. A well-defined process specification is imperative. The user also plays a role, as decisions must be taken now that have a future affect the project.


Once completed, the engineering design and specifications will be released to companies with a proven record of accomplishment of excellence in cold storage construction.

It takes many different individuals, each with specific knowledge, to complete the design, fabrication, and erection of an industrial refrigeration facility in California. The success of the system depends on how everyone involved performs from the development of the process spec through the development of the engineering spec through to successful completion and implementation of the facility.

The design and supply of industrial refrigeration systems require a great deal of knowledge and experience. For information on how TKS Cold Storage Manufacturing & Construction in California can help you, visit us



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