Formwork Accessories Manufacturers for All Your Building Needs

Form Modular Systems

Form modular systems are an excellent choice for construction firms engaged in more than one type of development. They are versatile, affordable, and adaptable formwork accessories manufacturers. The practicality is limitless, from residential to commercial, with walls of all shapes and size, along with columns and round tanks.


Formwork accessories manufacturers have been known to last more than 30 years when subjected to harsh environments and consistent use. Only the plywood requires regular maintenance and replacement when necessary.

Steel-Ply and other related formation systems are suitable with Pro-Form panels and accessories. Incorporate with your infrastructure to create the most adaptable scheme for your requirements.

Big Blue

Big Blue is a clamp form system in the European style. The 12’ by 8’ panel is the single largest component made in the United States.

This is the toughest, fastest, and most effective system manufactured in the United States. Big Blue forms are available in multiple sizes, with maximum height of 12 feet and widths of 8 feet. Because the large panels provide the most square feet per set, fewer accessories and panels are required.

Quick Lock

Quick Lock is a custom-built system made from 3/4?? plywood and 24 lumber. Simple forms require only two brackets. The Quick Lock bracket and the Strong Back clamp. The Quick-Lock system also requires plywood and 2x4s. For more complicated structures and to create the concrete mixture and mix more available, additional accessories and brackets will be needed. Ellis Forms makes Quick Lock ties to match whatever size concrete wall.



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