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Four Telltale Signs It’s Time to Schedule for a Teeth Whitening in Atlanta

Don’t wait until your next professional photo to get your teeth cleaned. Chances are, your teeth are sending you signs of distress right now. Here are a few signs that you are overdue for your next teeth whitening.

Your Mouth is Fraught With Tartar

Plaque can be removed fairly easily, but if you aren’t proactive about doing so, you can find yourself with a mouth full of tartar. Tartar is a rock-solid buildup that is not only unsightly but can also cause periodontal disease in due time. And unlike with plaque, removing these calcified deposits will require the help of an experienced dental professional.

You Snooze on Your Oral Health

If multiple brushings and a daily floss seems to be too difficult to achieve, it is time for a teeth whitening Atlanta. While these tasks are repetitive, they are completely necessary when it comes to keeping good oral hygiene and preventing a ton of dental issues, both medical and cosmetic.

You Drink the Hard Stuff

That morning cup of joe might be enough to get you up in the morning; however, if you are a regular coffee drinker, you should never skip a teeth whitening Atlanta appointment. Caffeinated beverages, wine, and soda are notorious for causing dental stains that don’t budge at the sight of a toothbrush.

You Are a Smoker

Your lungs aren’t the only things at stake. Smoking has a way of damaging both your gums and teeth. The tar and nicotine contents can cause a great deal of tartar buildup and unpleasant stains.

Your teeth have the potential to shine bright; let the professionals at prove it to you.



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