Moving Company,

Getting Your Belongings Ready To Move

A moving company is beneficial if you don’t have the tools or the materials to take your belongings from one home to another. There are some things that you can do before movers West Chicago IL companies send to your home arrive that can make the work move along a bit faster. Declutter your home to get rid of the things that you no longer want or need. You don’t have to throw them away as you can donate them or have a yard sale to make extra money. However, items that are broken or that no longer work should be thrown in the trash.

Find out what movers West Chicago IL companies offer can’t transport. Some of these items include pets, plants, perishable items from your refrigerator and freezer that you want to keep, and cleaning products that you don’t want to pack in a box. When you hire a moving company, get insurance on your belongings. While most companies offer insurance, you want to ensure that you’re covered in the event of an accident from one house to another or in case something is broken in transit.

Make an inventory of the things that are loaded onto the truck. This would include a list of the number of boxes that are taken as well as all of the furniture and other items so that you know where everything is when it’s unloaded from the truck and taken into your new home. You should also make a list of serial numbers that are on appliances so that they can be replaced if they are damaged or even stolen during the moving process. Put as many items near the entry doors as possible so that it’s easier for the movers to get everything out of the house and loaded onto the moving truck.



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