Hiring A Slab Leak Detection Service For A Bradenton, FL Home

by | Sep 17, 2019 | Plumber

Water and sewer lines going into and out of the home typically run through the slab of any Bradenton, FL home. While it is very reasonable to position these lines under the slab, it also creates significant problems in identifying if there is damage or a break in the line.

In many cases, Bradenton, FL homes have waterproofing materials on the slab, and then the flooring on top of that. This can add to the challenges of detecting a leak, and the leak may be significant before the issue is noticed. In fact, it is often the settling of the foundation, which results in cracks in the floor and walls as well as problems with doors and windows that is the first sign. By this time, the damage can be pronounced, and the leak may have been ongoing for months or years.

With a leak in the main incoming water line, an increase in the water bill without any other reasonable explanation may be the only sign the homeowner notices. However, if the leak is small or in the early stages, the slightly higher water bill may be attributed to irritation or other types of factors.

Early Detection is Critical

Hiring a slab leak detection service in Bradenton, FL if there is any concern is always the best option. These companies offer advanced technology to detect leaks under the foundation of the home, even those that are very small and not currently causing noticeable damage.

The older the home, the more critical it is to call slab leak detection service. Older lines can be damaged by corrosion, through high-velocity water movement through the pipes, and by the natural settling of the soil around the foundation. By choosing a slab leak detection service that uses sound waves, the process is non-destructive and does not create any damage to your floor or foundation.

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