How Do Dental Fillings Work?

Dental fillings seem pretty self-explanatory. Most people just think they are something you get when you have bad teeth. Yet, dental fillings Canon City do more than just fix a cavity. Regardless of what you already know about fillings, you should understand them fully. Learn all about fillings so that you know what is going on if you ever need one.

The Purpose of Fillings

To understand fillings you need to know what a cavity is. Whenever you get a cavity, you have a small hole in the surface of your tooth. This hole is caused by tooth decay. A decaying tooth is the result of bacteria that is left in the mouth. Usually, the bacteria is there in the first place due to poor dental hygiene. The main thing to understand is that the bacteria remains in this hole until it is removed. This is a bad thing.

Dentists need to fix cavities right away. If the problem is not addressed, the bacteria will continue to eat away at the rest of the tooth. In time, the tooth can be totally destroyed. In order to prevent this, you need to get a dental filling Canon City.

The Filling Process

There is a specific procedure dentists follow to do a filling. Initially, the dentist will need to clean out the cavity to remove the harmful bacteria. During this time, the dentist will also remove parts of the tooth that show decay. To the despair of most patients, this is done with a special drill. Once this is done, the tooth is ready for a filling.

The filling is what keeps the tooth healthy in the long run. Fillings take the place of the decayed tooth. This prevents additional bacteria from entering the cavity. It also reinforces the structure of the tooth. Thus, fillings play an important role in keeping your mouth healthy.

Help With Fillings

If you suspect you have cavities, it is important to see a dentist right away. The faster you can get fillings, the faster you can prevent additional tooth damage. Fillings are not something to be afraid of. They are the first step in restoring proper dental hygiene.



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