How to Keep Your Oahu Office Supplies Properly Stocked At All Times

by | Feb 19, 2020 | Office Products

In a busy office, there are many different types of office supplies that are required to keep the office functioning smoothly. From printer ink to trash bags, there is no shortage of items that you use on a daily basis to help your business thrive.

With this large stock of office supplies, though, comes the challenge of trying to keep it all stocked. Nonetheless, this is an important task, as the specific supply that runs out is inevitably the one that is needed the most. To help better manage your
office supplies in Oahu, here are a few tips to help you keep them properly stocked.

Use One Person

Though many people utilize the supplies in your office, there should be only one person responsible for tracking the stock of those supplies and ordering more as necessary. If multiple people are keeping track of what’s left, there is likely to be conflicting reports that could result in either over- or under-ordering office supplies in Oahu. If one person is in charge of the process, though, they can keep a more accurate inventory and ensure that new supplies are ordered at the proper time.

Require An Accounting

Even with a single point-of-contact for everything related to office supplies, it can still sometimes be difficult to determine exactly what’s left. That’s why a real-time office supply inventory log can be a great asset to help you keep all your office supplies in-stock at all times.

To implement this strategy, a spreadsheet listing all the office supplies can be placed in the supply room. Then, when someone takes something, they can mark what they take on the spreadsheet. That way, the individual in charge of ordering supplies can see what has been taken and easily see when they need to order more.

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