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How to Pick the Best Santa Maria Grill for Your Next BBQ

A good California-style dry-rub barbecue is the perfect way to relax on the weekend. But to make a roast that your friends and family won’t stop gushing over, you’re going to need the best Santa Maria grill.

Since there are tons of grill styles and options in the market, it’s easy to get confused about what features to look for. So, to help you make the right choice, it’s important to focus on some essential qualities that the best Santa Maria grill should have.

How Are Santa Maria Grills Different From Other Styles?

A Santa Maria grill is an open fire grill without a brasero (a separate chamber that controls the wood or charcoal embers’ size) that burns live or red oak as a fire source. It’s perfect for quick-cooking cuts that don’t have a lot of fat, and it gives them an amazing smoky flavor.

What You Should Look for in a Santa Maria Grill

If you’re looking to buy a Santa Maria grill, make sure to purchase one with some key features.

Firstly, it should have a three-layer grill system and a separate collection dish for fat and ash, making the cleanup process significantly easier. Make sure the dish is stainless steel, so the leftover fat doesn’t stick.

It should also include a grid that’s adjustable for a good 30 to 35 inches to place the meat on so you can control heat intensity, preferably made of carbon steel bars 1/2 to 1 inch apart for increased durability and functionality with smaller cuts.

It will also have ample space for airflow on the bottom layer (under the fire) so the live oak burns faster and better. It also comes with an insulated handle for the rotating mechanism of the meat grill to avoid burns and other accidents.

Although it’s unnecessary, a four-sided grill is better because it gives you higher temperatures. Lastly, get a safe grill with no sharp edges and a well-welded chain for the rotating mechanism. At the end of the day, the best Santa Maria grill is how you can enjoy cooking safely.



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