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Join Moms Like You In Our New Fitness Challenge

Many moms put their children’s needs ahead of their own. It is not uncommon for a mom to spend her day running errands, helping kids, going to work, cleaning up the house and doing all sorts of other things, only to find that she has no time for herself to exercise and stay fit. At The Max Challenge, we make it easy to fit fitness into your daily life. Our fitness challenge takes ten weeks to complete, and moms like you will be in the class and at your side. The camaraderie developed in our fitness challenge will inspire and motivate you to do your best.

We have developed a unique and intense combination of strength training and cardio exercises. This means that you burn calories faster. You do not have to work out for a long time every day to see results. Our classes do not look like the ones you would take at a regular gym. We are not a place where you come to lift weights or use the elliptical trainer for an hour. Our fitness programs are short and to the point. We maximize your time with us, making it easier to fit sessions into your busy days.

Our convenient class times mean that you can get in a workout while kids are at school or before or after you go to work. Our location is easy to get to and has plentiful parking, so you do not have to drive out of your way for your fitness class for moms in Canton MA.

When you are ready for a fitness class for moms in Canton MA, contact us. You could also sign up online or visit us for more information.



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