Keep That Pool Comfortable With Pool Maintenance in Connecticut

Everyone enjoys the swimming pool during those sweltering summer days, but summer isn’t the only time that the pool can be useful. With the shorter winters and warmer fall days, it is easy to get plenty of fun from that investment. However, a change of season also means that it’s time to think about pool maintenance in Connecticut. For instance, when fall hits and the leaves begin to drop, it is crucial to maintaining the filter system. Keeping this aspect of the pool properly cleaned will help ensure a clear, beautiful swimming pool.

There are a number of services that can improve the quality of the water, but the first is testing the PH and chlorine levels. This step can quickly determine several problems and improve the quality of Pool Maintenance in Connecticut. For instance, the PH of the water can change if the system isn’t filtering properly or if something has gotten lodged in the system and is slowly tainting the water. Chlorine often works for eliminating pool concerns, but if the system can’t clean the water fast enough, then the pool may not be safe for swimming.

Another area of concern is the equipment itself. Consider the case where the pool uses a liner to contain the water. Small rips in this material could allow water to seep out and saturate the soil around the pool. This is a bad situation if it’s an inground pool The combined weight of the water and pool could cause the frame to shift or the filter connections to come apart. Leaks in an above ground pool can cause just as much damage, but may also cause problems with the filtering system which is usually placed close to the side of the pool.

An alternative to chlorine treated pools is the salt water pool. Salt water works by killing many types of algae and keeping the pool at specific levels. It is often preferable to chemical treatments because it doesn’t affect people quite as harshly. The trick to keeping salt water pools comfortable is to keep the saline at a minimal level. Browse our website for more information about pool maintenance and installation.



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