Making Your Own Gyros At Home With Delectable Flavors From Start To Finish

If you enjoy Greek food and meals that are hearty and full of flavor, then consider looking for the best gyros in Mesa, AZ. If you want to add your own flavors, there are a few tips to keep in mind so that you can make them at home. Start with the freshest ingredients, such as beef and vegetables.

Common Ingredients

When you make a gyro, you’re likely going to use lamb or beef as these are the most common types of meat that are used. However, pork is also a popular item to use and is usually what you’ll find when searching for the best gyros in Mesa, AZ. Make sure the type of meat you use is seasoned properly. You don’t want to leave out any flavors as you want to bite into a delicious gyro each time it’s made. Fried potatoes are often incorporated in the sandwich as well, giving the gyro a smooth consistency and one that’s sometimes a bit buttery.


When you’re preparing and assembling your gyros, consider grilling the meat in small pieces like a kebab. This will get the meat done faster and lock in the seasonings that you use without the meat burning. Once the meat is done, you can slice it into thinner pieces that are easier to work with instead of leaving them in larger chunks. If you warm your pitas before adding the ingredients, they are easier to work with compared to stiff pitas that are taken directly from the package. Drizzle a small amount of olive oil on the outside of the pitas before you grill them or warm them in an oven. Some of the additional items that you might want to add for more flavor include rosemary jam, lemon juice, and Greek yogurt. This is a dish that you can play around with until you get the flavors that you desire.



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