Meet Requirements For Septic Tank Cleaning In Olympia WA

Depending on the type of septic system you have and your local jurisdiction, you may have different requirements that must be met when you sell your property. You will likely know of these requirements before your home goes into escrow, but waiting until your home is under contract may not be enough time to file the appropriate paperwork. Most septic tank cleaning in Olympia WA can be expedited, but you should check with your local city and county ordinances well ahead of time to make sure you, as a seller, have fulfilled your septic requirements.

For starters, there are typically two types of residential septic tanks that can be found at area homes. The two types of tanks are either a gravity tank or a more modern pressure distribution tank. If you are not familiar with the type of system you have, a quick determinant could be if there is a septic system alarm on your property. This is a striking characteristic of a pressure tank, and you will likely have additional tanks on your property that will need to be inspected.

During an inspection, a licensed technician will conduct an O & M Report which is known as an Operation and Maintenance Report. Depending on the property, how many people have been living in the home, and the last time a report was conducted, there will be maintenance checks performed. Your local ordinances will have designated how many tanks are necessary for the number of bedrooms on your property. If the tank has been operable under these conditions and not had overactive usage, the maintenance report should be clear. The operation may be impeded due to other circumstances such as clogs or tree roots impacting the system.

Lastly, you search on internet to get more information on the type of services that are performed by different companies performing septic tank cleaning in Olympia WA. Some jurisdictions will also require a Report of System Status, or RSS, in order to complete a sale of a property. Usually this report is good for a year but it may take some time for a city or county to file the report. You do not want this critical file to be the cause of an escrow not closing in time.



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