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Selecting Energy Efficient Grow Lights

Any type of controlled, indoor growing facility needs to be concerned about managing and lowering the cost of production. This is true for indoor agriculture, aquaculture and the new cannabis grow operations that are springing up across the United States and Canada.

One of the biggest costs of running any of these types of operations is the energy cost. Not only do the facilities and greenhouses have to be correctly provided with heat for optimal growing conditions, but they also have to be provided with the correct level and type of light for photosynthesis and plant growth and development.

Finding energy efficient grow lights are essential for any growing operation. Saving on the operation of every light around the clock every day of the year can give your facilities the competitive edge in both quality of produce as well as pricing options to your customers. Buying grow lights from Revolution Micro is one way to accomplish this goal.

Know the Lighting Levels

Optimal growth with regards to light differs between plant species. Choosing energy efficient grow lights and then pairing these lights with timing systems to maximize the ability of the plant to utilize the light results in the most overall growth.

To do this, it is important to consider the lumens, or the brightness of the light, as well as the intensity of the light. The intensity is the light that reaches the plant, which can differ based on the type of light and the distance from the surface of the plant.

The other essential factor to consider when choosing energy efficient grow lights is the color. This is not just a visual color difference, but one that can create specific growth patterns in indoor crops. A general guideline is that lights with a lower Kelvin rating appear red to a plant, which is linked to producing fruits and flowers. The bluer colored lights, which have a higher Kelvin rating, are linked to producing more vegetation.

At Revolution Micro, we provide energy efficient grow lights that meet the needs of all indoor growers. For more information on our products, see us online at



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