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Swing Sets In New Jersey – Safety Tips

Swing Sets in New Jersey safety tips is essential to child heath because a considerable percentage of all playground injuries are caused by swings. These injuries can be decreased if parents and school owners follow some swing sets safety tips. These safety tips can be grouped into 3 categories: installation, design and the behavior of the child when playing with the swing set. This write-up will focus on installation and design.

When evaluating the design of Swing Sets in New Jersey, you should take the following into account: wood type, spacing, ladder construction, bolt construction and build proportion. Safety tips for installation comprise toddler seats placement, anchoring, utilization of absorption materials and placement of the swing set. For wooden swing sets, you should make use of a quality wood like redwood or cedar. The wood should be water sealed using a baking process as opposed to a painting or dipping process. If you cannot afford cedar or redwood, you can opt for plastic encapsulated lumber, which is typically pine, fir or spruce lumber sealed with polyethylene covering. Water-sealing the wood should eliminate or decrease wood deterioration and color fading. You should inspect your swing set periodically for wood decay and splinters.

There are several tips for ladder construction. A pre-assembled ladder is more dependable than one that has to be assembled at school or home. Nearly all pre-assembled ladders are constructed using a hydraulic press arrangement. This is a lot better than depending on your strength to drive in the ladder steps (dowels), which can lead to defective steps. The dowels of the swing set should be vinyl-covered pipes rather than wood. Dowels made of wood will grow weaker and are susceptible to splinter with extended use.

Lastly, to prevent entrapment accidents, ensure that every climb space is not lesser than 9 inches apart and must not be more than 3.4 inches wide. Safety tips for installation include: sets should be sited within a shaded area so as to prevent skin burns during hot days; each bay should have only 2 swing seats, toddler seats should be at least 2 feet above the ground for toddlers that are not supervised. Swingset & Toy Warehouse offers a variety of playground equipment, swing sets as well as Wood Fences on Long Island.



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