The Environmentally Friendly Nature of Metal Roofing in Madison WI

by | May 18, 2021 | Services

Metal roofing in Madison WI is considered the most environmentally friendly type of roof. A primary reason for this is the inclusion of so much recycled metal into these products. The recycled aluminum content in metal roofs is higher than 90 percent. Homeowners who choose a full aluminum product will thus have recycled material as the most prevalent component of their new roof. Many of those aluminum beverage cans they’ve been setting out to the curb or cashing in for spare change have been converted to useful home improvement features. In contrast, other roofing materials still require a much higher percentage of new, raw substances.

Metal roofing in Madison WI lasts substantially longer than other kinds of roofing. That means less impact on the environment in a manufacturing process for new roofs. In fact, most metal roofs never need to be replaced unless they are damaged by hail or another severe event. It should be noted that hail is no more likely to damage metal than it is to ruin asphalt or wood shingles. Metal also is very resistant to fire, unlike the other roofing materials. If a metal roof ever does need to have some panels replaced or the entire roof is replaced, the material can be recycled and used again.

Another environmentally friendly aspect of aluminum roofing is its low weight. It doesn’t require as much gasoline or diesel fuel to transport it from place to place. More of it can be carried at one time than is true for asphalt or wood. The low weight has another important advantage. Metal roofs typically can be installed by a contractor such as Built Wright Homes directly over the old roof, eliminating the need to rip off existing shingles and dispose of them.

When making a decision about metal roofing, homeowners can consider the recycled content, the remarkable longevity of the product and the ability to reuse the material. Used aluminum is very much in demand by manufacturers because it completely retains its intrinsic characteristics and significantly decreases costs that would otherwise be devoted to mining and refining. These factors are the hallmark of environmentally friendly building materials.

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