Three Simple Steps to Great Heart Health in Phoenix, AZ

Your heart is the most important and hardest-working muscle in your body. You should protect your heart to keep it healthy for as long as possible, helping you avoid visits to a vascular doctor in Phoenix, AZ. Genetics do guide the condition of your heart to a degree, but there are some things you can do to help. The following are three steps to great heart health.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Try to do at least half an hour of cardio five days a week. This will work your heart out and keep it strong. Anything that gets your heart and breathing rate up is considered cardiovascular exercise, including walking, running, swimming, and spinning classes.

Avoid Stress

Avoid stress to promote great heart health. Everyone experiences stress to some degree, but you should avoid staying in this state for an extended period of time. Meditation and breathing exercises are a good way to reduce stress. Over the course of your life, stress will add up and cause you a variety of health issues. If you don’t, you may need the services of a vascular doctor in Phoenix, AZ.

Eat a Good Diet

Your diet is a huge determining factor in the state of your heart health. Avoid eating fatty foods as much as possible. Of course, we’re not telling you to never enjoy yourself. Just pay attention to what you eat and treat unhealthy foods as treats instead of an everyday occurrence. It’s also a great idea to avoid salty and sugary foods as much as possible.



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