Three Things to Look for When Shopping for Women’s Gymnastics Leotards

With all the different gymnastics leotards for women that are available, choosing the right option can seem like a daunting task. By keeping these three things in mind when shopping for new women’s gymnastics leotards, you’ll have an easier time making the best choice.


Lycra and spandex are generally the best materials for leotards because of their flexibility and ability to provide comfort while moving. Cotton can also work but doesn’t always hold up as well as lycra and spandex and is usually more suitable for practice than competitions. If you notice any skin breakouts after you’ve worn a leotard, you might be allergic to the material and should therefore shop for another type.


You’ll want something that can capture the attention of the judges and audience without looking tacky or gaudy. Patterns with red, white and blue colors often work well. A leotard with a pink and purple design can also garner positive attention. Having some rhinestones on your leotard can help make you sparkle under the bright competition lights.


A leotard that fits comfortably around the upper legs, arms, neck and bustline will be needed for peak performance. The fit should be snug enough to adhere to the body properly without being so tight that it cuts off circulation or restricts breathing. If you’re having trouble finding the right fit, you can order custom-made women’s gymnastics leotards that are made to your exact size.

Selecting the right leotard will be much easier if you know exactly what to look for when browsing through the options. Garland Activewear features an extensive selection of quality women’s gymnastics leotards that come in different sizes and styles along with custom-made leotards that are designed to provide the perfect fit. Check out all the options that are available.



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