Tips for Choosing a Conveyor System

by | May 24, 2019 | Manufacturer

If you’re interested in replacing the conveyor system in your warehouse there are some questions to consider as you endeavor to make the best choice. Checkout some questions to keep in mind as you evaluate conveyor systems to find one that suits your needs.

What Kinds of Items Are Being Moved?

The weight and types of items you want to move on your conveyor system should factor into your choice. Some conveyor systems are designed to move light-weight items such as small boxes, food items and clothing. Other conveyor systems are made to move heavy items such as large tools, car parts and electronics on industrial rollers. Getting a conveyor system designed to move the products in your warehouse will make your operations run more smoothly.

What is the Environment in Your Warehouse?

If you’ve a warehouse with a lot of moisture in the air, then you need to make sure you get industrial rollers that can endure the moisture they’ll be exposed to. This means they should not corrode or rust even in an environment with lots of moisture in the air. So, give some thought to the design of the rollers in your new conveyor system to make sure they can endure the environment inside your warehouse.

Do You Want Customization?

Maybe you want to customize your new conveyor system. If so, you want to work with a company that has proven experience with customization, so you get the type of system that works best in your warehouse. Think about the route you want your system to travel before talking with a professional about customization.

Lastly, answering these questions and others can help you end up with a conveyor system that increases the efficiency of the daily operations in your warehouse.

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