Tips For Choosing Seafood Distributors In Miami

by | Feb 8, 2022 | seafood distributor

Seafood is a popular option in restaurants and commercial kitchens across Miami. Fresh or frozen, seafood is a versatile, healthy protein option that is a classic ingredient in most cuisines from around the world.

Choosing the best seafood distributors is important for any company in the foodservice industry. From the exotic options and types to the classic lobster, crab, and salmon, having quality seafood is a must for any type of kitchen or foodservice business.

Consider Variety

A significant factor in the choice of top seafood distributors is the selection offered. The types of seafood and fish should include both a standard inventory of always available items as well as seasonal specialty types of fish or seafood.

Additionally, knowing the origin of the seafood is increasingly important. Many restaurants are focusing on sustainable wild caught fish and seafood, and having a top inventory and selecting that meets that requirement will be essential.

Frozen seafood should be conveniently packaged to reduce any damage from freezer burn and storage. It should be freshly frozen, retaining the firm texture and wonderful natural flavor of the fish.

Delivery Service and Reliability

The efficiency and reliability of seafood distributors in Miami to deliver the product as needed are essential to your Miami restaurant or business. Many of the top companies offer next-day delivery, making it easy to always have the freshest seafood available delivered right to your door.

Finally, take the time to consider using one distributor for all of your meat, dairy, deli, and frozen and dry products. This makes it simple to place one order and deal with one distributor rather than multiple deliveries and orders. Martinez Distributors is one of the top seafood distributors in the Miami area. To find our more about our products and services, visit us at

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