Top Signs You Need Root Canal Therapy

by | Mar 25, 2019 | Dental Care, Dentist

Root canals are one of the most common dental procedures that are performed at dental offices once physical symptoms begin to develop and x-rays reveal the infection. The treatment is necessary when nerves in the tooth become infected, which can lead to severe pain and discomfort and doesn’t resolve over time. If you’re concerned about your oral health and suffer from pain, there are a few top signs you may need root canal therapy in Calgary.

Persistent Pain

Persistent and severe pain can indicate that root canal therapy in Calgary is necessary, which often occurs upon chewing or biting. Having contact with hot or cold foods and beverages can also trigger the pain, which can make it challenging to eat. The pain stands out from other types of dental issues because it becomes more severe when pressure is applied. It can also occur spontaneously on its own.

Inflamed Gums

Damaged nerves often cause the gums to become inflamed and swollen, which is often accompanied by pain. There may also be a raised bump that looks like a pimple on the gums, which doesn’t heal or go away after several weeks or months. The gums may also feel tender when they’re touched near the problem area. Some individuals may even notice pus that forms near the gums due to the infection, which indicates it’s time to visit a dental professional immediately.

Tooth Sensitivity

Although it’s common to have tooth sensitivity from time to time, you may need root canal therapy in Calgary if your teeth continue to feel sensitive once the hot or cold item has been removed. The sensitivity may last for up to one minute after consuming a certain food or beverage and can be both painful and uncomfortable.

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