Ways Memory Care Differs From Standard Adult Daycare in Middlesex, NJ

by | Feb 22, 2021 | Assisted Living

As your parents get older, you will expect their physical and mental health to degrade over time. However, dementia is an additional problem some seniors face, and this condition requires specialized memory care in Middlesex, NJ. When you can’t be there to care for your senior loved one yourself, you can rely on a facility that offers the following services.

A Secure Environment
While all adult daycare facilities take steps to make sure their guests remain safe, this becomes a bigger concern for adults with dementia and other memory problems. This is due to the habit of wandering that seniors with dementia develop. A memory care facility will ensure seniors can’t wander away from the premises or walk into unsafe areas.

A Well Trained Staff
Seniors with memory problems can become confused, frightened, and frustrated, leading to outbursts and temper issues. While the staff at a regular adult daycare facility may not know how to handle this type of situation, a facility that specializes in memory care in Middlesex, NJ, will train every caregiver to handle these situations professionally. These caregivers develop the skills they need to calm an agitated senior in a short amount of time.

Relaxation is Encouraged
The facility itself will be designed to help your senior loved one relax. This is done through the use of bright and cheerful colors. Additionally, common areas allow seniors to gather together for socializing, watching television, and for playing games. These activities provide a sense of familiarity that helps slow memory loss.

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