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What is Engineered Hardwood Flooring in San Jose CA

Engineered Hardwood Flooring in San Jose CA is a flooring material that is manufactured from multiple thin plies of wood. The wood that is used can be either hardwood or softwood; the topmost layer will be a veneer of any one of the many different hardwoods available. Engineered hardwood is dimensionally stable, actually, more so than solid hardwood flooring, this makes it an ideal material for use in climates that vary in temperature, one major factor that has a significant impact on a wood floor. As well as being more dimensionally stable it is also more durable and considerably more attractive than laminate floors which do not use real wood on the exposed surface.

Real Engineered Hardwood Flooring in San Jose CA is prized, has been for many years, and will be for many years to come. Real hardwood floors are beautiful and durable and take on a wonderful patina as they age gracefully. One problem with real hardwood flooring is the time and expense associated with installation, it is a job that cannot really be classified as a DIY project, it is something that only professionals can undertake and ensure a great job when finished. Regardless of how long it takes to lay, over time the slats will shrink, leaving minute gaps between the boards. This problem is no so prevalent in newer homes that are climate controlled but the problem can be completely eliminated when engineered hardwood is used.

The process of manufacturing engineered hardwood floors begins when multiple layers of thin wood are laid up; the wood can be hard or soft or even MDF. The thin layers are laid up with the wood grain running in opposing directions, the layers are then glued together. The top layer, the visible layer of a specific hardwood species is added and the entire “sandwich” is subjected to heat and pressure which ensures that all the plies are perfectly bonded. When the flooring is completed it will resist warping, shrinking, or expanding due to the cross-grain construction. Although engineered hardwood flooring is easier to install than real hardwood slats it is still best to leave the job to a professional hardwood flooring installer.

When delivered engineered hardwood flooring looks very much like the real thing as the boards are designed with a tongue and groove. This is the ideal edge preparation as the boards can literally snap together. The flooring can be nailed or glued to the sub-flooring and because of the way it is made it can be installed almost anywhere, including places in the home where you can expect higher humidity, perhaps a basement family room.

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