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What to Expect from a Wire EDM Machine Shop

A wire EDM machine shop uses a process called Electrical Discharge Machining to control metal removal by melting it rather than cutting it. This method creates electric spark erosion, which vaporizes metal materials. There is little debris remaining once the process is complete, and it produces reliable and accurate results. Companies that use this technique can process large and small pieces through controlled metal removal.

What to Expect

You should expect the best wire EDM machine shop to have a long history of fabricating metals. They should be ITAR registered and NIST and ISO compliant, and these shops will offer a range of wire EDM services. Some of their services include custom gear cutting, spline cutting, die and mold fabrication, and custom prototyping. Their machines can accommodate pieces up to 6,600 pounds and have a large workspace.

Benefits of the Best Shops

If you work with a wire EDM machine shop that stands apart from the others, they will have a large workspace that allows them to fulfill larger projects. These shops also offer high precision tolerances, which means that there is little force on the piece as the machine removes the metal. The hardness of the metal is not a factor and won’t interfere with the cutting rate or part geometries, and the process is cost-effective and efficient. The process is virtually autonomous once the part is programmed, and it requires less time and labor. Finally, EDM allows companies to machine brittle materials because the tool doesn’t make contact with the part. For your specialized needs, wire EDM machining is ideal.



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