Why Kershaw Knives Have Continued to Dominate the Cutlery Scene

by | Mar 9, 2022 | Knives

Since their founding back in 1974, Kershaw has continued to be a real force in the field of cutlery. A good part of their business has to do with the collector’s market, and it’s likely that this is due to the fact that they understand that segment of the marketplace better than almost any other firm around.

For example, take some of the specialty Kershaw knife products that have made their way onto the market. They released a special model in 2002 that was connected to martial arts celebrity Steven Segal. Rather than make it an inexpensive Hollywood collectible, however, they actually used real stingray leather on it. This authentic handle helped to set it apart from countless other examples on the market.

Just three years later, the brand’s Kai USA division took home four of the major awards at the Atlanta Blade Show. While these prizes were more geared toward the kitchen end of the Kershaw knife spectrum, it helps to illustrate how the brand understands what its potential clients are looking for. They’ve applied this thinking to the tactical market too.

Composite metal technology won them an award in 2007, and they’ve been keeping up with that theme ever since. Kershaw’s engineers have long been at the forefront of composite metals, which allow them to produce tactical knives that can take a bit more punishment than many of their competitors. That’s kept them relevant even among survivalists, technicians and other serious users of their knives.

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