Why Our Extruded Aluminum Bar Products Are the Best Choice for Your Company

by | Jan 21, 2022 | Aluminum Supplier

Extrusion is a process that’s able to create complex cross-sections. That’s why we’ve cut a ton of aluminum bar products by using our custom extrusion process. Our extruded bar stock has something that’s useful for any application. You’ll find aluminum heat sinks and hollow extrusions if you look through our stock.

Multiple Sizes Available

We stock manifold quality aluminum in a ton of sizes. You can find square extrusions from 0.875″ to 7.0″. We also have rectangles between 1.0″ by 1.25″ up to 6.0″ by 8.0″.

Our manifold material has a ton of enhanced characteristics, too. It is harder and allows for enhanced mechanical control as well. We can help by putting your extrusions through complex machining, creating custom shapes.

Custom Aluminum Bar Extrusion

Our machines can create custom extrusions in a variety of shapes, from squares to circles.

Using our extrusions could be a cost-effective way to source aluminum. If you make a ton of aluminum products, we can scale production to suit your needs.

We’ve developed a consistent production process, so you can rely on our products. They’ll always have exceptional tolerances, and we’ll give you a reasonable lead time.

Wide Variety of Applications

Our extrusions can be a source of raw material if you’re making replacement parts. You can use them to make parts for food production equipment on a poultry processing line.

You can use extrusions if you’ve got medical production equipment in your factory. It’s durable and sanitary, so you can use it safely.

We’ve also seen it used to make textile machinery in the garment industry, too.

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