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Why Using Seed Treatment on Your Farm in Marks, MS, Is a Good Idea

When it comes to running a large scale farm, there are many factors regarding technology from which you’ll have to choose. One of these factors is seed treatments.

Here are some of the benefits you can receive from doing this by way of Precision AG Technology Services.


Numerous clinical studies have shown that seeds that have gone under seed treatment experience a much greater yield than do traditional seeds. During the period of time in which the seeds are establishing themselves, they are much better protected from damage after undergoing treatment than if they had not.

Target the Pest

Products designed by companies that deal with precision ag technology services in Marks MS, are very capable of targeting only the creature or external force that is considered a pest. When there are other creatures available, such as worms, they are left alone to continue being beneficial to their environment.

Better for the Earth

Compared to dousing mass quantities of chemical pesticides all over the farming area, seed treatment uses far fewer chemicals. There are small amounts of ingredients that actively ward off the pests. The soil is therefore left in as much of a natural condition as possible.

Easy to Use

Treated seeds make life easier for farmers. They can rest assured that the seed is getting the proper nutrients and protection right from the start, decreasing the need for multiple applications throughout the growing season. Retailers treat the seeds before delivery making it a convenient service.



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