You Can Really Stick It to the Max With Custom Made OTF Knives

by | Mar 21, 2024 | Knives

Nothing is faster and more impressive than well-built custom made OTF knives. When you trigger the action and that blade jumps out at the front of the handle, everyone understands that you mean business. Yet the real beauty of these custom made OTF knives is that they are not just a toy to startle your friends with. These are real, hand-crafted knives that are designed to work for a living, not just sit on the shelf waiting for Saturday night.

You can buy automatic knives just about anywhere these days. The problem is that you only have a limited selection to choose from at your local knife or sporting goods store. When you buy automatic knives online, you choose from a much wider selection and typically get them for a lower price than if you’d paid retail.

This doesn’t mean that you are shafting the little guy. It is just as likely that the little guy in this case is a dedicated custom knife maker and the big guy is a corporate-owned retail outlet. The important point is that you get the one knife that suits your own purposes exactly. Where you get it doesn’t really matter so long as you get it from someone. The word you dread the most when you find the one knife you really want is “backorder”. Now who is going to refill their inventory first? Is it the actual knife maker selling online or the retail shop waiting for a shipment to arrive?

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