How Could the “Strict Liability” Law Affect You in a Product Liability Case

by | Dec 30, 2019 | Law Services

Sometimes products are made faulty. If, in the unfortunate event, an injury occurs because of a defective product, the seller parties involved could pay.

Under personal injury law, sellers, distributors and manufacturers must do everything to make a product safe. They have to show they were not negligent in the making, storing, or selling of a product. So when accidents occur, who takes the blame? This is where the “strict liability” law comes into play, and things can get tricky.

Strict liability gives some wiggle-room for interpreting who was the source of the injury. If, for instance, the product was a pair of scissors and someone was hurt by improper use, who says the fault lies on the design or those involved with it?

If, on the other hand, the product was a ladder and a ream fell off, there needs to be a solid explanation from the makers that they weren’t at fault for putting the consumer at risk.

A trustworthy product liability attorney in Ankeny, IA will use their experience and expertise to provide their clients with the legal representation they need.

There’s no reason to try to figure this out yourself. The details can get pretty complicated. It’s best to find a product liability attorney Ankeny, IA residents trust and that knows how these claims work.

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