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Top Indicators It’s Time to Call for Ac Repair in Chicago, IL

Not sure if it’s time to schedule AC repair in Chicago, IL? Be on the lookout for these top signs that AC repair is much needed!

Vents Aren’t Blowing Cold Air

When the AC unit works as intended, the cold air should come from the vents. The air shouldn’t be lukewarm or hot. Clogged filters, dirty coils, and other mechanical filters could be the reason for this problem.

Air Conditioner Short Cycles

Cooling units should always complete a cycle. The average cycle is 8-10 minutes, two to three times an hour. If the system turns on and off within a minute or two and does this frequently, the unit’s short cycling. Getting to the root of the problem fast is essential because the longer the short cycling continues, the more wear and tear the unit experiences, and the quicker it breaks down.

AC Unit Makes Strange Sounds

Although most people hear their air conditioners kick on, they shouldn’t notice odd sounds like whirring, squeaking, buzzing, etc. Anytime air conditioning units make unusual sounds, a qualified service technician should check them out.

Energy Bills Spike Suddenly

A sudden spike in energy usage is a clear sign something’s wrong. For example, short cycling contributes to higher energy bills. Contact an HVAC specialist to inspect the unit for signs of damage and make repairs right away.

Putting AC repair in Chicago, IL, off for any length of time ends up costing more money and wearing the system down faster. For more information about scheduling services, get in touch with Deljo Heating & Cooling.



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