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3 Advantages of Hiring an Attorney to Handle Your Orlando Disability Claim

If you suddenly find yourself disabled through an accident or illness, you’ll need to file a claim for disability. While you don’t necessarily have to hire a lawyer for this process, doing so can be extremely advantageous. In addition to providing experienced assistance in filing your claim there are many more benefits to consulting a disability insurance attorney in Orlando, FL.

Familiarity With Judges

Disability hearings are presented before an administrative law judge, and each judge conducts the hearing in their own way. An experienced lawyer will know the quirks and biases of each judge. This familiarity with the administrative judge overseeing your hearing will help your attorney customize your case for that particular judge.

Put a Good Spin on Bad Facts

There may be bad facts in your file that have the potential of harming your claim. For instance, one doctor may have determined that your injuries don’t qualify as a disability. An experienced lawyer will know how to explain those facts to a judge to reduce the risks that your case will be damaged.

Cross-Examining Expert Witnesses

The insurance company will bring in expert witnesses to testify for them. A good disability insurance attorney in Orlando, FL, will know how to cross-examine those witnesses to help your case. This may include getting an expert to rethink the previous testimony they have given to help your case.

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