3 Easy Ways You Can Feed Hungry Families Throughout New York City

by | Oct 25, 2021 | Non-profit Organization

As the holidays approach, people become more aware of the plight that hungry and starving families face. Donations and gifts made at this time of year are often enough to last throughout the ensuing 12 months when more people donate. You can help to feed the hungry in New York City by engaging in a number of different activities.

Give What You Can

Even if all you have is a spare dollar, giving that to a local food bank can make a big difference to a starving family. It will be enough to help one family feed their children for a night. If you feel uncomfortable giving cash, you can make a more meaningful donation by spending that dollar on canned goods. Donating nonperishable foods makes it easier for food banks to feed those in need.

Host a Charity Dinner

You can host your own charity event and charge a predetermined amount per plate or per guest. The amount you charge doesn’t have to be high. You can charge just $5 per plate. You’ll be surprised by how quickly the money will mount up.

Promote a Charity

You can indirectly feed the hungry in New York City by helping a local food bank raise awareness about its programs. If you have a large social media following or have experience in digital marketing, you can use your resources to raise awareness about food drives and similar events. This can help connect philanthropists and donors with food banks and other charities that need the help.

You can find more ways to help the hungry in New York City when you visit the Heavenly HARVST website at https://heavenlyharvst.org.

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