3 Signs You Should Consider Replacing the Water Heater in Your Georgia Home

A good quality water heater should last for about 10 years, although this will depend on the size and frequency of use. When your water heater does start to reach that 10-year mark, you should pay attention to the signs that it’s starting to fail. If you can spot these signs early, you can schedule your water heater installation in Atlanta, GA before your old unit fails.

Red or Brown Water

If you start to get red or brown water from your faucets, the cause is usually rust from inside the tank. In some cases, you may be able to run discolored water until it clears. However, if this occurs frequently or persists after the water has been running for a few minutes, a new water heater may be the only solution.

There is Limited Hot Water

If it takes longer to get the water up to a hot temperature, your water heater may be showing the signs of age. You might also run out of hot water sooner if the water heater can no longer keep up with your household’s demand. If you notice any change in the availability of hot water, a plumbing contractor can determine the cause of the problem.

There Are Unusual Odors or Sounds

An older water heater might start to make loud sounds as it kicks on or the water coming from your faucets may have an unusual smell. If any of these things occur, you should call your plumber to diagnose the problem. If these sounds and smells are the result of mineral buildup in the tank, it’s time to schedule a new water heater installation in Atlanta, GA.

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