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3 Things to Check and Inspect When Apartment Hunting in Minneapolis, MN

When students decide to move off campus, they will have to find somewhere to live. Students take on a lot of responsibility when renting student apartments at UMN for the first time. Read on to learn a few tips to help you get your foot and boxes in the door.

Check for Animal Droppings

When viewing student apartments at UMN, you want to check for anything the landlord may want to hide. Bugs and rodent can find their way into homes and cause unsanitary conditions. The best way to check is to look for animal droppings inside and on top of cabinets. If you are not satisfied with your findings, you can ask the landlord to see copies of the most recent pest control treatments for the apartment.

Check the Water Pressure and Temperature

Most people shower more than they watch TV, but it is easy to forget about checking the water. You want to check the water pressure and temperature and ensure the water is not too gentle or hard. If you notice these issues, you should ask the owner about making changes.

Check the Power Outlets and Electrical Work

College students use many things daily that require an electrical outlet, such as laptops, cellphones, TVs, and irons. You should bring your phone charger to plug into every outlet to ensure they work. It also helps to purchase an electrical receptacle wall plug AC outlet ground tester to check the circuit status for each outlet in the apartment. If you do not inspect before moving in, you may get blamed for the outlets not working.

New renters should come prepared to determine if renters insurance is an option when signing the lease. Contact Stadium Village Flats at for a walk-through today!



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