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3 Tips to Make Learning Swimming Easier for Your Chesterfield Infant

When it comes to helping your child learn how to swim, the best thing to do is to sign them up as early as possible for infant swim lessons in Chesterfield, VA. Additionally, there are several things you can do to help keep the learning experience a positive and effective one. Avoid pressuring your child to learn faster and help them develop their skills in a natural progression.

Get Your Child Used to the Water

Children who have exposure to water earlier in life become better swimmers as they take formal lessons. When you’re sitting in a bathtub, hot tub, or swimming pool, hold your baby in the water. Make a game of dipping your child in the water, going a little deeper each time. Just be sure not to let them go in deeper than their shoulders.

Practice in the Bathtub

You can use your home’s bathtub to help your child practice breathing underwater. Fill the tub deep enough to allow the child to lie in the water with their ears covered. This will give them enough water to practice their breathing exercises.

Practice Makes Perfect

While you don’t want to pressure your infant to learn, you should provide them with opportunities to practice their lessons. Between attending infant swim lessons in Chesterfield, VA, take your child to the beach or a public pool. Stick to locations where there is a lifeguard on duty. Help your infant practice their lessons or practice alongside them.

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