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A Brief Guide to Getting Quick Bail Bonds in Glendale After an Arrest

There is a big misconception that lack of funds means you can’t post bail and get out of jail fast. Bail isn’t the court’s attempt to keep defendants in jail. Quite the opposite. Bail is an opportunity for defendants to get out of jail until trial. It’s also an incentive for them to be able to return to their home or jobs, avoiding as much collateral damage in their lives as possible. How do you post bail without any money? Get Glendale bail bonds today, and get out of jail in record time.

On Call 24/7

Agents offering bail bonds in Glendale are available 24/7. They take calls from inmates and from family members or friends acting on an inmate’s behalf. Once initiated, the initial paperwork stage of the bail bond process takes less than an hour. After the agent presents the bond to the court, release times for the defendant range from one hour to two days depending on a variety of variables.

What’s the Cost of Bail Bonds?

A bail bond costs about 10% of the full bail amount, per Arizona law. The bond agent keeps the 10% as a fee, which is nonrefundable. After collecting a fee, the bond agent pledges to the court to cover the full bail amount should the defendant fail to appear at trial. Acceptable forms of payment differ between bond agents. Some only accept cash. Other bond agents accept credit cards, they offer financing options, take collateral or the pledges of guarantors. Collateral and guarantors are an effective alternative for those who have no funds or bad credit and need to get a bail bond fast.

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