A Few Tips On Choosing A Tree Service Company

by | Feb 16, 2021 | Arborists and Tree Surgeons

Tree service professionals look after trees. The need for tree service is a necessity for those individuals or businesses that have numerous trees on the property which need to be maintained as well as removing dead or diseased trees before they become a hazard. Selecting a tree service company is not difficult but like everything else there are certain things that make one service company better than the rest.

Make sure you get a tree service company that can provide professional attention to what it is you need doing, not every tree service company offers the same services. If the task is to remove a dead or dying tree from your property it is important that the company carries insurance and that they are bonded. Although there are services that meet this criteria there are some that do not include removal or disposal of the debris. The issue with removing a tree is more focused on safety and this task does not require the same knowledge that is necessary for tree care.

Selecting a tree service company in Peachtree City GA that will be caring for live trees as well as removing dead limbs, pruning and tree topping is something different. The best tree service company will have knowledge of arboriculture, knowing the different methods that are required when dealing with different tree species. If you were to hire a tree service company that lacks this knowledge they can inadvertently destroy your trees but trimming them in such a way they grow uneven or become diseased and have to be removed.

A quality tree service will be licensed, bonded and employ people who are aware of arboriculture. These quality companies will visit your home or business and provide you with a written quotation of the work they will do after discussions with you. It is always a good idea to get two or three quotations before you hire a tree service company, compare the prices and the services included and then select the one which is right for you. Make sure when you review the offers that complete clean-up is included, some companies will remove the large limbs but leave the small debris for others.

A good tree service company will work with you to meet your overall landscaping goals. The company will have the in-depth knowledge to point out which trees may be stunting the growth of other trees, shrubs or grass and what each tree needs to grow uniformly. The ability to identify and treat tree diseases is also a necessity as is emergency services in the event trees are damaged by a passing storm.

The company is insured, a member of the International Society of Arboriculture and they guarantee that your property will be cleaned before they leave. To know more about tree services visit 770-Tree-Guy.

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