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A Tucson, AZ Personal Injury Attorney Represents Clients With Arm Fractures

Someone who has suffered an arm or wrist fracture after a slip and fall incident, vehicle collision, or assault may have a personal injury case. The injury must have a cause that the legal system would consider the responsibility of another person or a business. A good personal injury attorney in Tucson, AZ can answer questions during a free consultation and determine whether this individual has a good case.

Examples of Incidents

Several examples fit this definition. For instance, someone falling on a wet floor at a retail shop might have a case if no caution sign had been in place. Many vehicle accidents are personal injury cases because a driver has broken a law or was not being careful.

Successfully suing an individual after an assault causes a broken arm can be difficult. That individual may not have any money. However, if the assault occurred at a commercial establishment, the owner might be liable if security measures were inadequate.

Insurer Compensation Responsibility

Insurance companies should be responsible for paying compensation in these situations. The claimant’s medical expenses are paid, and he or she receives compensation for lost wages.

Handling Claim Disputes

A personal injury attorney in Tucson, AZ may be necessary if the insurance company disputes the claim for any reason. Often, insurers are entirely cooperative, but sometimes adjusters find reasons to question a claim.

When the person slipped, had he or she been paying attention? Was this individual staring at a phone screen instead? Was the person harmed in a vehicle accident partly at fault for the collision? Your personal injury lawyer investigates the situation and responds with the necessary evidence.



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