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Adding A Touch Of Dazzle With A Silver Glitter Candle

One of the great things about using silver glitter is the ability of the glitter to reflect the color used in decorating a cake or pick up highlights of color in surrounding lighting, decorations or even candles used around the cake. Silver glitter from N.Y Cake is also a perfect option for birthdays as it can easily match with any theme or design style. Adding a large silver glitter candle to a cake adds that touch of dazzle and pizzazz to enhance themes for boys and girls or adults as well. Silver Complimentary Colors For birthday cakes or other types of special events, using a silver glitter candle not only adds dazzle, but it can help to bring the theme of the cake together. Silver, with its natural ability to reflect the surrounding colors, is a perfect choice with bold, vibrant colors of fondant or specially designed decorative elements on the cake. The ideal colors to pair with silver including deep reds, sapphire blues, emerald greens, and royal purples, the colors often known as the jewel colors. Also, silver is a good match for chocolate, providing a brilliant color difference from the surface of the cake and the silver glitter candle, making it a spectacular and eye-catching display. Adding to the Look To accent the silver glitter of the candle, there is any number of possible sprinkle and glitter options, all which are edible. The look of silver flake is very sophisticated, while silver hearts, squares, and stars can be used to dust the top surface of the cake or to highlight specific areas of decoration. When using silver on a cake, silver sheen sanding sugar is an ideal additional dusting to use on the surface. It can be applied across the surface or at the base of the candle or candles on the cake. For a variety of options in silver glitter candle designs for all occasions, browse the selection offered at N.Y Cake. More information on all of our products can be found online


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