All You Need to Know About Fabric Swatch Books

by | Oct 5, 2021 | Business

Fabric swatch books are a huge help in the textile industry as they allow people to take a look at the sample of the cloth and check out if it’s the right texture or color. The appearance of fabric in shops and pictures may not be accurate at times due to the difference in lighting.

Fabric swatch books are filled with different kinds of fabrics with the crucial details of each swatch mentioned in it so that vendors can show the book to their customers for better selection.

How to Find a Fabric Swatch Book

Many stores readily provide their customers with free upholstery fabric swatch books. You can always ask for the fabric swatch book from the business owner or manager. Most vendors don’t offer their entire fabric swatch books to the buyers. Instead, they let them select the swatches of the desired color, design, or fabric.

Creating best fabric swatch books is also quite a simple process and you can come up with one by collecting swatches from different shops. Some stores charge for providing swatches while some offer them for free to potential and existing customers. Online swatch stores can also provide you with swatches but you might have to pay for delivery.

Why Use a Fabric Swatch Book?

Other than checking out the color and texture of the fabric, swatch books are also used by vendors for keeping track of the amount of fabric they have left. Furthermore, fabric swatch books help in keeping all swatches in one place and neatly organized.

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