Beach Homes for Rent in Marathon, FL: A Particularly Safe Tourism Option

by | Sep 9, 2020 | Travel & Vacations

With the global pandemic that was declared in March 2020 continuing to have no end in sight, many people are feeling very restless and wanting to travel. They have waited for months, hoping the situation would improve, but managing the outbreak has proved to be very difficult. Instead of staying in hotels as they usually do, they might consider private beach homes for rent in Marathon, FL.

This option helps tourists feel much safer since they have the entire place to themselves. They won’t be sharing any common areas inside and will have their own private beach. Cooking on a barbecue grill or in the kitchen is easy, and getting takeout instead of sitting in a restaurant may feel like the safest choice. Research indicates that eating outdoors at a restaurant is very safe, though, as long as customers practice social distancing guidelines.

Many men and women who have booked one of the beach homes for rent in Marathon, FL, decide to drive there instead of fly. There may be concerns about the possible lack of social distancing on airplanes. If getting to the Keys in one day’s trip is unreasonable or impossible, they’ll need to decide the safest strategy for staying overnight on the way. Upon reaching their destination, they can fully relax and enjoy their stay in the Keys. Whether they drive their own vehicle or rent one, this gives them an easy way to travel around the islands.


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