Benefits of Engineered Wood Flooring in New Jersey

Hardwood flooring is one of the most popular and sought-after types of flooring available, but it isn’t always the best option in a given situation. In some cases, Engineered Wood Flooring in New Jersey is more suitable.

Basements and Humid Areas

Because of the multiple layers of wood used to construct engineered wood flooring, it is more stable and less likely to be damaged by moisture. With solid hardwood, the wood expands and contracts due to changes in humidity, which isn’t the case with engineered wood floors. While hardwood flooring shouldn’t usually be installed in basements, kitchens, or bathrooms, obtaining the look of wood is possible with the right Engineered Wood Flooring in New Jersey.

Easy Installation

It can be very difficult to install solid hardwood flooring on your own unless you’ve had some experience with it in the past. With engineered hardwood flooring, many types have interlocking edges so they just snap together, making it easier for people to save money on installation and do the job themselves.

Cost Considerations

Some high-end engineered wood flooring can be as much or more expensive as some types of hardwood flooring. However, in general, this type of flooring tends to be a little less expensive, especially when you take into account the easier installation process.


A high-quality, engineered hardwood floor can look similar to a solid hardwood floor. Using engineered hardwood floors can be a more affordable way to get the look of a rarer or more expensive type of hardwood flooring. These floors also come in wide boards, chevron, and parquet styles, making it easier to get a look that would be much more time-consuming and expensive with solid hardwood.


One area where engineered hardwood flooring isn’t as good as hardwood flooring is in durability. This is because solid hardwood can be refinished multiple times, making it longer lasting than engineered wood floors. The thinner layer of hardwood on top of engineered wood floors makes it so it can only be refinished once or twice.




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