Biography Details Life of Holocaust Survivor and New York Businessman

Siggi B. Wilzig was a Jewish entrepreneur who survived the Holocaust in Europe and later immigrated to the United States and built a vast fortune from nothing. “Unstoppable” is the new biography by author Joshua M. Greene that tells Wilzig’s remarkable, sorrowful and ultimately uplifting story.


Today, Siggi Wilzig is remembered as a Jewish entrepreneur who turned to philanthropy in his later years. He was born in Europe, and, when the Nazis came to power, he was forced into slavery because of his faith. After two years of hard labor, he was put in the notorious Auschwitz concentration camp and ultimately survived by pretending to be a skilled laborer. He experienced many horrors while in captivity, including witnessing his father being murdered.

When Auschwitz was liberated by the Americans, Wilzig worked with them for two years helping track down Nazi war criminals and bringing them to justice. For his efforts, he was allowed to immigrate to the United States. Arriving in New York City penniless at the age of 21, he began working at whatever jobs he could find and saving his money. Savvy investing allowed him to ultimately become the CEO of a major New York bank, and he became a multimillionaire.

Before dying in 2003, Wilzig spent vast amounts of time and money educating others about the Holocaust and sharing his personal story. He became friends with many influential people. To learn more about his riveting and inspiring biography, visit the biography website at



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